sam niemiHey, I’m Sam. I design web sites and marketing tools for cross-country skiers, their teams, events and businesses.

Are you a cross-country skier whose team, event, or business web site needs to look like it belongs in this century? (Or perhaps you suffer from logo shame?) I help the xc community get their message across through smart, strategic web and graphic design that works.

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately...

Sleeping Giant Loppet logo & business card
  • Sleeping Giant Loppet logo & business card
  • Alignment Chiropractic logo & business card
  • Dog Lake Firewood logo & business card
  • Instep Foot Care logo
Sleeping Giant Loppet brochure
  • Sleeping Giant Loppet brochure
  • CD & jacket for John Dolce
  • Lutheran Community Care Centre annual report
  • Worldview Everlasting brochure
Sleeping Giant Loppet web site

sam and dana niemi

A bit about me

Call me crazy, but born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario, cross-country skiing is a natural way to enjoy the long winter months. It's also a great way to meet like-minded, healthy folks from all walks of life, not to mention an astonishing array of business and employment backgrounds. It's through this incredible sport and these fantantic people that I have had the pleasure of designing a wide range of advertising and corporate communication pieces for a variety of industries, from healthcare to tourism, from junior mining / exploration to the trades, and nearly everything in between.

As such, I have over twenty years experience designing logos, posters, brochures and web sites for the businesses and organizations of skiers just like yourself. That means the communication materials I design for you will be clear, accurate and uniquely persuasive. Like you, I have a deep appreciation of all things skiing, and understand what it takes to survive and thrive here in the cold white north.

The nitty-gritty...


  • Graphic Design Diploma from Sheridan College, Oakville, ON
  • Professional Member, Association of Registered Graphic Designers
  • 20 years experience with international clientele


  • Member, Black Sheep Mountain Bike Club, Thunder Bay Cycling Club, Thunder Bay Nordic Trails
  • Proud supporter, National Team Development Centre, Sleeping Giant Loppet
  • Married, beautiful wife Dana


  • Summer – mountain biking, cycling, paddling, running, hiking, camping
  • Winter – cross-country skiing, snowshoeing
  • Everyday – eating, sleeping, maxing and relaxing
Registered Graphic Designer

How I can help

I partner with cross-country skiers and organizations to design the whole spectrum of communication services:

Identity Design

  • branding and corporate identity – logos, guidelines, stationery packages, communication materials, packaging
  • corporate communications and information design – newsletters, annual reports, training materials, business forms, presentations

Print Design

  • advertising and marketing – posters, brochures, catalogues, cd covers, direct mail, promotion and event marketing
  • environmental graphic design – interior/exterior signage, exhibit and trade show booths, point of purchase (POP) displays
  • editorial design – books, magazines, newspapers, calendars
  • print broker – print planning, management, pricing

Web Design

  • custom html or wordpress – responsive, mobile-friendly, search engine optimization, content management systems
  • e-commerce – online payments, shopping cart
  • social media – branded social media profile images, page setup, e-mail marketing
  • services – domain name registration, web hosting, security, ssl

How we work together

We all want projects to run smoothly with no frustrations or surprises on either side. That’s why we start out on a fact-finding mission together: I ask you questions, make notes, ask more questions, and make a few more notes. Hopefully, this is over coffee, or some other drink of choice because this is the hardest part— as far as you’re concerned, that is. After that, your role looks more like smooth sailing and relaxation, maybe popcorn and a movie, mimosas at the pool, whatever floats your boat. (For me, life gets a bit more creative and technical and involves hunkering down in my office. Much less glamorous.) I keep you in the loop and show you the fun stuff. You tell me what you like. Then, we refine, polish, and finally print or publish, depending on your project.

If you want to see our time together in neat phases, generally there are four:

  • The Meeting – I collect the info from you so we have the same vision and foundation on which to build. (If your vision is a bit fuzzy right now, don’t worry, that’s what my questions are for. We’ll get there!) Also, we can “meet” via e-mail, phone, FaceTime, Skype, etc., whatever is best for you and your schedule. Free technology is great!
  • The Brain-storming – I take the clear goals, explore all the ways to get there, narrow it down, and present you with several distinctive concepts.
  • The Refining – This is when you take a break from golfing and let me know what you think, which concepts to focus on, the direction you want to go. And then I go back to work…
  • The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For – your finished product! In your hand, in cyberspace, in your client’s hands, in magazines – wherever it’s supposed to be – delivered, safe, happy and brand new. Your unique product.

Where to get more info

Whether it’s the latest industry podcast, conference, or class, I’m always plugged in to stay on top of design trends, digital advances, and new marketing strategies. (To learn more about what graphic design can do for your business, please visit the design organizations below.)

The same goes for cross-country skiing: I am grateful to have worked with these fine organizations. (To learn more about these groups and how you can support them, please visit the cross-country links below.)

Want to get in touch?

To reach me for consultation, questions, or estimates, please feel free to call or e-mail.

Sam Niemi

  • phone: 807.345.3383
  • e-mail:

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